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Hi,, Loved the thought of no more water pouring over my gutters. Hd these installed in 2006, now in 2015 I have water pouring over my gutters..

Paid $21 per foot installed so I won't have to go onto the roof to clean gutters. There is "something" growing on the gutterglove that prevents the water from entering the gutter. Called Gutterglove directly, they tell me "oh yea, a fungi can grow & clog them. Said to get some anti-fungal spray from the Home Depot & clean them off.

Even offered to send me a free brush.

BS, I an too old to be up there, that's why I had these installed to prevent water run-off. Time to throw them away & try something else.

Thanks for another fast money sucking scheme.

Frank In Tennessee

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of water pouring over my gutters. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of gutterglove pro and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1500. GutterGlove needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #1237106

Meant to say it "reactivates itself" on Wet and Forget. Sorry.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #1237104

If Frank went 15 years without an issue - I'd be tickled. Anyone with same issue, try Wet and Forget (don't try other similiar products - I have and they don't work as well) you spray it on and in days may weeks if you have 3" of moss growing on your roof like I did.

No scrubbing, etc. and every time it rains it deactivates itself. Use on siding and mold on car..had no damage. Next time deck gets moldy yuck will try there too.

It is great stuff though a little expensive. You have to put it on til it runs off don't skimp. And don't rinse or scrub it off for gosh sakes - check their website..Austrailia company developed it - I think. Ace Hardware, SAMs, Southern States has it or you might be able to online order it.

Order through Walmart and pick up free at store or Amazon maybe.

Marysville, California, United States #1227027

Nine years without having to clean nasty rotting leaves out of the gutters seems like a pretty good return to me. Nothing you can buy will last forever without some maintenance.

Mukwonago, Wisconsin, United States #1058942

So, if nothing grows on this stainless steel, why is something growing on it causing the rain water to flow over the gutter. When I contacted Gutter Glove to complain, he told me that it happens.

They don'the guarantee this from happening, just that the Gutter won'the clog. Put your money where you mouth is... I invite to come out & inspect for yourself! Contact me through here.

Let's who is making up a story. Bring a ladder!

Avon, Ohio, United States #1058930

That I'd terrible.


Fake review. As always pissed consumer does not verify any of their reviews this is simply a competitor's review posted to badmouth a good product because they cannot compete on a fair market,anyone can come on the site and simply post anything they want without any verification whatsoever.

absolutely one of the worst review sites on the Internet gutterglove was rated number one by Consumer Reports for a reason because it is the best. Nothing grows on top of 316 surgical stainless steel mesh.

I have had it on my home since 2004 and it's fine. Valley areas need some maintenance if debris accumulation them other than that there's nothing better on the market today

to Anonymous Avon, Ohio, United States #1058936

Wow. You don't say?

to Anonymous #1060577

If you would like your explanation to be taken seriously, you should employ proper grammar. Your misuse of punctuation is deplorable.

Intelligent people can compose meaningful and relevant sentences, and do not use words such as "pissed".

I was researching your product because my associates thought that it might be useful for some of their apartment buildings in Capitola and Castroville.

I could have dismissed a few bad reviews. However, I can not do business with illiterate morons.

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1047038

These companies sell this kind of system for big bucks by telling you that you will never have to clean the gutters again. I have never seen a system that was worth the money.

Unless you have trees close to the home that are shedding leaves and other debris, you might be better off just replacing the gutters with new ones in order to get rid of the old ones plus the green-mold infested ones you have now. Don't you have any relatives or neighbours who could take a look at them a couple of times a year? This is one of life's travails.

The green stuff is caused by mold/fungi and can be killed with a spray, which is nothing more than cheap bleach. However, it will come back.

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