Systems that promise to keep your gutters leaf-free can easily cost thousands of dollars. But our 16 months of outdoor testing show that a low-priced screen may be all it takes to keep out leaves and other debris.

Our testers saw some big differences among types (Gutter Glove & Leaf Filter).

We also found that some of those systems could leave you with clogged gutters, cascading rainwater, or both. Here are our results: Though all were impressive at shedding debris, even the top-scoring, LeafFilter screen was only middling at containing a severe downpour, Keep in mind all screens need to be cleaned atleast twice a year.

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Thank you , yes consumer reports did test gutter guards and found that Gutterglove Pro out performed all products on the market today. We are very proud of our product. Check us out at


to Gutterglove0913 Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #1187892

If these systems need to be cleaned twice a year, you may as well save your money and just clean your gutters twice a year...

to Doneitall Richmond, Virginia, United States #1237108

Well if you have lots of trees with seed pods (( like maple or crepe myrtles), flower petals, brittle sticks, pine tags and lots of storms ......you will need to clean about 4-6 times a year plus the heavy fall with acorns and leaves that fill it up every week or so. So 2 times a yr might not work for everyone.

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